1. It is too early to tell if this story is legit. Let’s wait and see if any video comes out with this fellow speaking, as some sites claim. If I were he and serious about it, I would get my statement as legal as possible, that might include a notarized statement or transcript of his videotaped confession.

    • Absolutely!
      Maybe this is nothing or maybe it is a crack in the edifice. Who knows? But as I’ve said here before, the official version/theory of the events that day are palpably false, there is little doubt of that. That reality though throws up all kinds of other questions like why lie? Then even if you ignore that there’s the question, “What did actually take place?” Then there are thousands of ancillary questions like why were the three buildings pulverized instead of just crushed? Why were there not huge concrete pieces and massive sides of steel everywhere on the ground many stories high? What force could make those huge buildings collapse at free fall speed, as in, no supporting floors underneath?
      There is a viable explanation here but it is almost too difficult and horrifying to comprehend.


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