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Viral Fallout — 2 Comments

  1. I have my own, definitely unscientific theory. Alcohol kills the dreaded Rona…this is accepted… So…..

    If you have a few drinks of alcohol in a pub and get into your car and are stopped by the Police, you will be breathalysed and the measurement of tiny droplets of alcohol on your breath can be measured.

    But if you are drinking in a pub surrounded by other drinkers, the air is being polluted with miniscule particles of alcohol that are floating around the pub. I think that is the reason for lack of transmission in pubs….

    • That is a theory I would dearly love to believe is true.

      So alcohol is used to clean and disinfect wounds and protect against re-infection.
      It may make sense then that it could have some kind of protective quality against viral bodies.
      It’s a short hop to being protected from Covid when surrounded by alcohol breathing fellow drinkers.

      I like it!

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