Over the last 42 years I have had some truly brilliant insights, some great ideas, some really original thoughts and ideas, and I've forgotten the whole shagging lot of them. I've told truly hilarious jokes, often to large audiences and cannot for the life of me remember one now. I was just fifteen when I really got started on life itself and now regret I didn't keep diaries and notes on all of it.

So instead, I have decided to start at the end and work backwards. Well, probably more like hither and yon more than a particular direction but maybe in the writing down of things, some memories will come back for me to share with you. My views on where we all are today will be grounded in simple common sense from another time so you might read perspectives you agree or disagree with and that's fine too. 

But, I hope to touch on all aspects of life in my loose wandering manner, cover the stories of the day as I see them and bring a little humour into things too, as is my way in life generally.