1. came across a video which was along the same lines. It was saying that Iraq had started selling oil in Euro’s and this just might have led to countries not to need a dollar reserve.
    It seems the dollar could collapse if oil can be traded in any currency. An excuse was needed to invade to stop this.
    It also mentions that the towers were sold just before the attack.worth looking into.

    • A sham,
      Not only Saddam in Iraq but Gadaffi in Libya were moving away from the PetroDollar. To understand the importance of this, Richard Nixon in 1971 took the dollar off the ‘Gold Standard.’ That standard guaranteed the value of a dollar in gold stored by the USA. In theory, the Federal Reserve had on deposit enough gold to pay in ounces the value of any dollar spent anywhere, (It didn’t!). Nixon took this action when Kissenger, his Secretary of State, got Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States to pledge to sell their oil on the world markets in dollars only. In return the US guarantee that if any of these countries was attacked by anyone, the US would retaliate as if it itself was attacked. Since then, any country in the world that buys any oil anywhere must first convert their own currency to dollars to pay for their shipments. Iraq wanted to sell it’s oil in Euros and Libya was preposing to sell its deposits in a proposed African dollar currency.
      If you want to understand the sale by the Harbour Authority in New York of the Twin Towers, then watch this video and learn how a speculator called Larry Silverstein paid out only $14m dollars in August 2001 for a 99 year lease on both towers, cobbled an insurance policy on them and collected over $4bn soon after they were destroyed.

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