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The lads back in Warsaw must be laughing their holes off — 2 Comments

  1. LOL!  Beautiful!  :>

    I forget John, did I tell you about my visit to Wales and being wonderfully awoken one morning as my friend's 92 year old mum was chatting away in Welsh on the phone?  While I strongly doubt my Irish immigrant grandparents ever spoke Irish in front of me (if at all), the SOUND of the Welsh language struck a very strong chord from my childhood memories that was very warm and comforting!




    • Some languages sound like music without vocals. In a Paris Cafe I heard a french guy say something to his girlfriend and she gave his a coy smile before passing him the salt. But to my ears, he said, “You’ve tits to die for!” To my ears, Germans always sound like they’re threatening each other and Italian sounds like a litany of insults hurled about with wild abandon. Welsh just sounds hopeful almost as if they are idly speculating that the mines will open again. But you’d have to suspect that the Polish lad here would have great difficulty with the English used in an offical document so he might as well be looking up a duck’s arse as reading it in Irish. Even the natives struggle with that maze.

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