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  1. <i>”What does that contract say?”</i>


    Who knows?  But I’ll wager it’s something extremely dodgy, like: “We expect you to make us xxx Euros in fines, even if this means fining people who haven’t actually been speeding at all, on the basis that they probably won’t know for certain that they weren’t two or three mph over the limit and so will pay up without bothering to argue.”

    Or something like that.  Otherwise, why all the extreme secrecy and extraordinary machinations to prevent making the contract details public?

    • Jax,

      You could be right there. My guess is that they have a flat rate for ‘X’ number of speeders every month thy must catch and anything over that number earns them a bonus. Incentives like that would anger the public but it would explain the vans always hanging around within meters of areas where the speed limits change and anyone could be caught going two or three miles and hour over that. The other potential scandal might revolve around who this contract was awarded to. Was it a minister’s relation perhaps or a company who donates to a political party. It seems to me that is there is a budget of €80m for twenty vans over five years then the police themselves should buy and man these vehicles.

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