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Five Thousand Two Hundred Lies — 2 Comments

  1. So when it comes to presenting 5,200 deaths annually from smoking as a fact to base legislation on, then I suggest you take it with a pinch of salt…

    I would suggest that a couple of tons of salt would be more appropriate.

    There are so many anomalies that give the lie to the figures they pull out of their arses that it has become no more than a farce. How do they square their pronouncements with the fact that the Japanese, who are some of the heaviest smokers in the world, are also the longest lived? Or indeed, my own adopted country, Greece, which has the highest per capita consumption of cigarettes in the world, and yet despite an inferior health system, equals the UK (which is in the much lower per capita consumption rankings) in the longevity stakes? Nobody seems to want to address these paradoxes because they fuck up the narrative.

    Years ago, I used to accept as fact all this stuff we were told about the perils of smoking. I just didn't question it. Well, they were 'experts', weren't they?

    Then they started on the SHS thing.

    I'm a realist, and tend to take a commonsense approach to life. so the whole concept of SHS stank of bullshit to me. As a result, I started digging, and what I have unearthed over the years since then has made me realise that the anti-smoking movement lie as a matter of course. Theirs is an ideological agenda, and they will resort to any deceit if it will further their cause, 'The ends justify the means' is their ethos. They are obsessives, zealots proselytising with menaces.

    I no longer believe anything they say.

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