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  1. I don’t think you need to worry about the uk. We’ve got parliamentary democracy, not because it was graciously gifted ti us but because our forefathers left them no choice.

    And we’ll win agian and leave the eu.

    I’d be much more worried about Ireland and the governments reaction to whatever happens. But you are our cousins and neighbours and as ever we will do all we can to assist. As for the feckers over the channel, well, time will tell.

    • Jack the dog,

      I’m not worried about the UK whatsoever. All I’ve said here and elsewhere is that the whole break from the EU could have been handled better. It’s been unnecessarily acrimonious in my opinion and I blame Brussels for that mostly.

      As for Ireland, I think that we’ll be fine too. Some things may have to change on either side of the Irish Sea because of this but life will go on much as before. Our relations with London have soured in the past only to improve afterwards. As I see it, we have colleagues in the EU and friends in the UK. That won’t change border or no border. Opportunists may flare things up in Northern Ireland in the coming months and years but I don’t believe it will ever be as bad there as it once was – too much water under that bridge.

      What annoys me however is that given the rancor of BREXIT, the EU has left no door for you guys to re-enter the EU in the future should you ever choose/vote to do so. That is appalling stupid of Europe.

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