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  1. I voted to leave and would do so again – no secret about it. My primary reasons were to discard one of the five layers of Government and Councils in my area (some lucky souls only have to suffer four), to have better international trade links without EU protectionism, and not to send so much (borrowed) money abroad. If it annoys the fools in Parliament, so much the better.

    The British are largely OK with immigration as long as it comes with integration. If you come here to make us the same as the place you left, we’re going to object, albeit quietly…. My own late in-laws were Polish immigrants in 1948, although it took a little time before they were accepted – perhaps their accent made people remember the Germans. The whole xenophobic racism thing is just to try and make us ashamed of our vote. All very transparent.

    TPTB never expected us to vote for leave, especially after all the dire threats that were made to frighten us. Since then they have largely been intend on holing the whole thing below the waterline. The only question in Downing Street at the moment is whether to simply cancel Brexit, or to risk another referendum on the basis that we *must* have come to our senses by now.

    Todays threat is that we will have to buy a £6 visa every three years if we want to travel to the EU. Who cares? If you can’t afford £6 then you can’t afford the ticket, especially with the astronomic airport taxes. The common denominator between all these threats is that they are all imposed by Governments (the UK, the EU or both). There’s no actual need for any visas, tarifs, border delays or extra taxes; it’s purely another in the stream of threats to wear us down.

    I don’t think Brexit will happen in any meaningful way – I won’t be surprised if we’re stuck with the Euro within five years. Even if something called Brexit happens, we’ll be tied back in through other “essential” mechanisms that amount to the same thing. Perhaps if the Irish were to rise up and join us in trying to leave we’d have better chance?

    • In the run up to the second vote on the Lisbon Treaty here our own politicians threatened and warned us that there would mass unemployment, emigration on a large scale, house repossessions, huge debts, large pay cuts and social disorder if we didn’t vote the Treaty through.So we voted it through and still got all of those things anyway.
      Ignore the bastards!

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