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  1. Those are some very interesting figures, John. And quite surprising, too. Those polls generally phrase the questions in such a way as to provide the answers they want.

    Also interesting how many want to ban vaping in all public places. It just goes to show what a powerful tool propaganda is, and how much it can change people’s views. If you’d asked the same question about smoking thirty or forty years ago,those wanting to ban it would be few and far between.

    • What really got me when I went back and researched smoking in Ireland was that by the late fifties, over 70% of people smoked here. That was the peak and through the sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties, the numbers steadily fell year on year. By 2003, the year before the smoking ban, it stood at 24% and when the ban was launched, we were told that 23.5% smoked. With the ban came price rises, social pressure, endless media coverage of one side only and then the numbers smoking actually rose. In 2009, Eurostat reported the numbers smoking in Ireland at 31%. The next year our Health Minister settled on 29%. The point though is that numbers fell naturally until they went at it with social engineering and force.

      While the Journal poll was surprising, it only reflects the lonely nastiness of the fawning slaves. Unable to insult or condemn any other minority, they turn their bile on the only target they are allowed to. These are the same people who kiss-ass at work and say Yes Sir and No Sir regardless. You cannot respect others until you learn to respect yourself.

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