1. "The implication of the put-down is that the populist speaker hasn’t a clue and is struggling to deal with reality. A populist, we are expected to believe, is living in some kind of fantasy world or even worse, expressing populist views only to get elected."

    This, amongst other parts of your article, is an interesting interpretation of what some, honestly I dont know which, people seem to think of modern day populists. Please elaborate; with actual quotes representing a significant group of people.

    • I would suggest the establishment and the ever obedient main stream media will constantly deplore anything said that is both popular with the electorate and uttered by others outside of the main stream. The official reactions to both BREXIT and Trump are proof of this. The two victories played to popular sentiment in appealing to the ordinary voter in terms they could relate to and agree with. But more interestingly, the populist candidates told truths that were not heard in the new politically correct climate of the establishments and it struck a chord with grassroots people. The all powerful establishment has muzzled debate and forbidden so much honesty to be expressed and this has gone on in the West for nearly twenty years now. The populists have sensed we don’t believe what we hear anymore and instead spoke the truth of what we really think. It could not happen in a totalitarian regime but that is why we choose democracy. The problem though is that in recent times democracy itself has been undermined by those empowered to run it. The populists therefore become the bloddless revolutonaries, right or wrong. Democracy is supposed to give the ordinary people a voice and when that voice is severely curtailed by those who have decided among themselves to creat a United Europe and bullshit us all to go along with it, we simply exercised our democratic right to say slow down, I’m not sure I want this. Without the populists like Farange and Trump, there wouldn’t have been a protest vote to cast.

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