“LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT.” — 2 Comments

  1. Heh, several years ago I was visiting a friend in North Carolina.  One evening we were invited over to a front porch sitting with a couple o' the Good Ol' Boys and their ladies and their bourbon and cigars.

    About ten minutes into things, just after the preliminary intros and settlin' ins, the Chief Honcho of the Porch turns to me with a friendly (but evaluating) challenge (seeing that I was a "northern Yankee type") of "Well, how 'bout it?  You a CONSERVATIVE?  Or a LIBRAL?"  

    Without missing a beat I came back with, "Neither.  I'm a RADICAL!"   

    LOL!  They LOVED it!  :>  We ended up having a great evening discussing politics and puzzling out where I agreed and disagreed with them.

    • In my capitalist/socialist utopia the radical mind would be essential, as too would be the non-believers, the cranks and the characters. They are the ones to bring a colour to our grey existence.

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