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  1. I know the low end of fuck all about Irish politics, but you paint a familiar picture. I think there must be an establishment somewhere where they manufacture politicians – slightly diffrent models and colours, but all based on the same chassis and engine.

    You'd love the politics in Thailand (I take an interest because my wife is Thai and also I have investments there). As you may well be aware, a few years ago, there was a military coup, because the hoi-polloi kept voting for the wrong party. They are currently trying to re-write the constitution in a fashion which will essentially disenfranchise said hoi-polloi, thus ensuring that only those favoured by the educated elite will be able to form a government. In fact a few years ago, some of the movers and shakers suggested that only educated urbanites should be allowed to vote, because those pesky rice farmers kept voting for the wrong guy, and because they had the numbers, the wrong guy got to be head honcho, thus necessitating a military coup.

    All very inconvenient.

    • Nisakiman,

      Yeah, I think you’re right about the politician production line. Over here, they’ve designed them to suit the weather. They are dour, humorless, greedy nasty bastards, (and bitches). 

      If you think Thailand is bad then get this. When the ‘Lisbon Treaty’ was voted through by Governments all over Europe a clever teacher from Tipperary discovered that the Irish Gov. planned to do the same. He took a High Court action to stop them by showing that our Constitution required it must go to a vote by the people. That is how we even got to vote on Lisbon. All the parties urged us to vote ‘yes’ to the Treaty so we promptly voted ‘no’ en-masse. The EU bureaucrats went ballistic and our own sad fuckers came back to us, told us we’d have to vote again and then spent millions lying to us to scrape it across the line. That was when democracy ended for Ireland.

      Incidently, if you have three hours to be informed, I recommend that you look at this. Personnally I think it is brilliant.

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