1. The worst company I have ever dealt with very very rude customer service team and outrages prices WARNING keep away con artists of the highest form very expensive and would seriously need to retrain there staff total disgrace

    • Deonna,

      I have mixed feelings about them because they have certainly given me reliable service for thirteen consecutive years. But you do pay a premium for it and if you need to speak to them, they make it very difficult for you. But they used to be worse. In 2003/2004 when I started with them I was refused technical help because I was using a Mac. I was actually told on the phone that Apple machines could not access the internet!

      However, I was lucky enough to have a fibre-optic junction box positioned twenty yards from my home and now my 100mb connection costs about a fiver a month less than my old broadband 8mb connection and apart from a rocky installation, it has been perfect. That of course means that I don’t have to try to talk to them ……..

      • Has anyone managed to find Eir's email address? If so, please tell me what it is because my 2016 experience in moving house within the same exchange area etc., has been a nightmare. Talk about incompetence!


        • Josephine,

          I don’t think there’s an “Eir e-mail address,” but rather there are multiple “forms” on their site that corrospond to a generic e-mail address for that section. It’s sort of, “someone@eir.net/disconnect me/please/prettyplease.” 

          The idea of speaking with somebody is off the menu and replaced with a bureaucratic loop whereby you must phone a number for them to e-mail an address to send your issue with. They’ll respond to tell you it is being processed. Then after several of these kind of mails they finally send you one last one to advise you to call that number again to advise them of your issue. You will promptly be told to file in the form and so it goes on……………..

          • John,

            It's called job creation even if the jobs are useless. Try ringing an Eir store. Guess what they don't answer the phone or listen to their voicemail. A customer service agent told me this morning that there is no email address which allows customers or potential customers to communicate with the company. Not very businesslike is it?

          • Josephine,

            It is the modern era of “Customer Relationship Management,” where the customer’s opinion doesn’t count because they avoid hearing it. Instead, they imagine the perfectly happy customer in their minds, tick off the matrix and collect the bonus.

            The actual customer has become an unfortunate by-product of running any company or service!

  2. That's the rock many businesses perish on. I think the statistic is that for every one customer who complains, there are 10 others out there who don't make their opinions known but nonetheless they take their business elsewhere and bad mouth the company to anyone who mentions the company or the service type i.e., telecommunications provider!


    • Absolutely!

      You know, I’ve only been writing these articles for a year or so but my stats show that, “Cancelling an Eircom account keeps getting visited every day. I put this down to ordinary people typing the vexing question into Google and getting me as one of the resultant URL’s. Let’s Express is an obscure site and I don’t broadcast it around so it can’t be anything other than frustrated people looking for an answer to Eircom.

      That couldn’t be good news for them surely?

    • Good question Monica.
      I do not have an address for Eircom but I presume their headquarters is somewhere in Dublin.
      If you do post a letter I suggest you go straight to the top and make it to “The CEO”
      Then it is critical that you mark your envelope “Private & Personal’.
      That way some secretary won’t read it and decide it wastes his/her time and so bins it.
      Good Luck!

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