1. Ha, I don't want to single out Guinness though, it is only one example. I know guys who swear by the stuff but I don't like it. The point of course is that an ad might inform it exists but the decision to purchase is yours. No amount of marteting will get you to buy a second one if you did'nt like the taste of the first.

  2. I've always appreciated good advertising campaigns, but they certainly don't influence my decisions. And ironically, the best and cleverest ads always seemed to be for alcohol and tobacco products. Do you remember the ad campaign for Silk Cut cigarettes back in the 80s / 90s? Superb! They were so good, they didn't even have to write the name of the product on the ad. Just brilliant! However, good though they were, I've never bought a pack of Silk Cut because I don't particularly like them. But the ads were great! 🙂

    • That’s exactly my point! Because of incessant marketing and advertising of just about everything, our consumer society is “aware” of many products but if I’m not considering the purchase of something for some good reason then being aware of its existence has no effect on me. I am not a rich man but even if I were I would only buy those things I needed or sometimes wanted. I do not wish to become a slave to my possessions and there’s little fear of that happening right now as things stand.

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