1. Yup, I'd agree with that. My charitable giving is restricted purely to direct charity. And like you, I don't care if it goes on booze or fags. Once I've handed over the dosh, whatever the recipient chooses to spend it on is none of my business.

    What really makes my jaw drop is the obscene amounts the bosses of the big 'charities' earn. As I remember, the boss of CRUK is on over £200,000 pa plus expenses. And even the reptilian Deborah Arnott of ASH is on about £85,000. Plus expenses, natch.

    Any chugger that approaches me gets short shrift. What I am catagorically NOT going to do is contribute to some fat cat's first class travel and caviar.

    • Neither leeches nor bloodsuckers survive too long once removed from the host. The problem with charity bosses is that they’re so ingrained in the host State they are almost impossible to flick off. CRUK and so many others are infested with them and what angers me even more is that they’re not willing to keep their heads down and shut up. No! They want the power to push us all around as well. My respect or even civility is not something these people will EVER know.

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