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  1. <i>"The President of Sinn Fein, Gerry Adams, has consistently denied being a member of the IRA and therein lies the problem. I don't believe a word of it."</i>

    Aww, c'mon now.  Haven't you learned anything over the last couple of decades (or more)?  He's a politician now, and automatic lying is part of the job description!  Truly it is.  I can't think of a single politician who could bear to recognise the truth about anything if it walked up to them wearing a name badge – even their own past.  I'd be more inclined to believe he <i>wasn't</i> part of the IRA if he stood up and claimed to have been its leading light since time immemorial!

    • Jax,

      My point is that in the muddled mayhem that was Belfast during the troubles, leaders emerged on all sides as one man’s terrorist became another man’s hero. Adams was alleged to have been an IRA Belfast commander and would have earned huge respect in some quarters as a hero of the struggle. But all wars end sometime and nobody gets everything they were fighting for. Adams was at the negotiating table and played a pivotal role in ending the whole sad saga.
      But he was a young man when he was sucked into all of it and from a certain perspective, he should have been proud of the risky parts he played for his own community. Instead we hear denial from him and that doesn’t ring true. Martin McGuinness was a commander in Derry at the same time and never denied that and when the peace came, he ended up as 2nd Minister of the North. Many who were in decisive positions in the many loyalist groups also took off the balaclavas in favor of the shirt and tie of politics. One particularly vicious loyalist murderer who subsequently became a member of the Northern Assembly spoke on Irish TV about the things he did but explained that he believed in what he was doing at the time. So did Gerry but oddly now, he is in denial. That is why I don’t trust the guy. I’d have voted for the honest loyalist guy instead.

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