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  1. Excellent!  You’ve just come up with the solution!  The authorities should ascertain suitable sites and then make two proposals: one for a new travellers’ site, and one for an open-air, purpose-built smoking area and café.  They should then conduct a survey in the areas concerned, asking people which of the two they would prefer to be built close to them.  Areas with a high proportion of truly rabid antis will tend to prefer the itinerants over the smokers, so the authorities should then look at the survey responses from the roads nearby, and then locate the new travellers’ site in the location closest to whichever roads where the largest majority favoured itinerants over smokers, taking care, of course, to point out exactly which households voted each way, so that all those smoker-tolerant residents who preferred the smokers can be made aware of which of their neighbours have landed them with a travellers’ site right on their doorsteps.  There is, of course, no need to then progress to building the “smokers’ café” – “financial constraints” or some other excuse can be used.  Job done!  🙂

    • Jax, 

      Isn’t it a sad state of affairs that we should even discuss something so outrageous as this. I have sympathy with the travellers but I am constantly shocked at the venom aimed at perfectly decent people for having a smoke. Things in our world have become very strange. And then this morning we are told that the WHO is to make a major announcement next week concerning the fried breakfast. Apparently they are going to designate sausages and bacon carcinigenic, and on a par with smoking. The tail is truly wagging the dog!

  2. The Antis will be able to use the power they've built against smokers in order to discreetly discriminate against foreigners if those foreigners happen to smoke.  And unfortunately, regular plain old nonsmoking racists or intolerants will be able to use the same trick.  It's a new play on the old trick of having so many laws and regulations that *everyone* is guilty of something… and then you can pick and choose, quietly, as to which disliked group you can enforce them against.




    • Indeed Michael! At one point here in Ireland when the numbers smoking were on the rise after the ban was introduced, the most prominent anti-smoking organisations said publicly that it was due to the influx of Eastern Europeans and the high numbers of them who smoked.

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