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  1. One finger or two. It does not matter. What matters is that you know who you are. It took me years to understand that. Through 9 years of service in submarines and 12 years on Cruise Liners, I knew myself and those that tried to ridicule me got short shrift.

    • Paul,

      Yes, it is about getting toknow yoursel. Maybe that is what life’s journey is truly about. One man told me that you spend time learning to survive and you achieve that you spend time gaining knowledge. With knowledge and survival in the bag you begin the final journey towards wisdom. Maybe he had  point?

  2. "Inappropriate" – yeah, I had that too. I just wasn't interested in trying to be like everybody else, and that seemed to annoy people (especially teachers or, later, managers!).

    "Unacceptable" was generally reserved for comments on my school homework, or my being insufficiciently tactful to bite my tongue when telling line managers where they'd gone wrong.

    There's only enough room in this furrow I'm ploughing for me.

    • Mick,


      I always felt those words were supposed to be oppressive and controlling. It was a put down, saying, ‘get back in line and do as you are told without question. So yes, you’re right about authority figures like teachers and managers etc, the words are just perfct for them maybe even expected from them too.

  3. Dear Mr. Mallon, 

    The only thing unacceptable about you is the strange, musty, bedroom smell that seems to cling to you; a kind of over-ripe fruit effluvium, combined with a musky, grimey, inside of a glove stink. I hasten to add I personally don't find it unacceptable, rather I feel that generally, the public, with all their accepted norms might find it off-putting. 

    As for inappropriate, well… 

    Let he who is without out sin cast the first stone. 


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