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  1. Dear Sir,

    Having read your article I find myself at a financial loss.  When I combine the costs of reading that article, including my time, data download costs and power for my laptop I estimate that you owe me €80.  A cheque will suffice though I must add that that will cost an extra €10 to cover the cost of your bill to me for writing said cheque and the time it takes to post it.

    Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Sir,

      Although I do find your charge of €80.00 a bit on the high side, I acknowledge your time and insights and so will settle immediately. 
      Including my €10.00 fee for the cheque, I charge a mere €46.00 for considering your remarks, €28.00 for responding, (like so), and including other sundry items and incidentals, you owe me a pint should we ever meet. Consider yourself paid in full.

      Yours Sincerely,


  2. Murphy Cunt Sulting Ltd. 


    I've read your proposals with interest and feel that you propose an interesting paradigm. I suggest a progress review, perhaps, a think-tank/ quango to spitball these ideas.  My fee to date, is €300 and reflects excellent value for money. I attach a breakdown of work done to date.


    Kind regards,


    • Dear M.

      While I appreciate your efforts may I remind you that my suggestion is around each of us being our own cunt-sultant.

      But I will keep your name on file ……….



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