Last Christmas we were told that, "€30,000 a year is spent for every homeless person, ( That amounts to €577 a week or €2,300 a month for each and every homeless person in the State!!!


WHAT? I'm struggling for words here! Why is someone who pockets €577 a week homeless? I brought up two kids, paid a mortgage and ran two cars for almost the same amount of money. But when you read the article you find that the middlemen are the ones pocketing the dough. 


The Department of the Environment and the HSE together spend more than €78m of your tax money to assist the estimated 2,663 people who are currently broadly described as "homeless" but the aforementioned homeless don't get that money. It is given to hotel owners who take them in and the inevitable "Charities" have their snouts in the trough as well. There are now 23 individual charities working in the area of homelessness headquartered in Dublin alone and that's a lot of snouts.


Registering as a charity in Ireland is a matter of who you know, not what you know but if you do know the right people then it is a tax-free ride at the citizen's expense. You do not have to tell anyone what you spend your grants on so all you need to do is mouth the right platitudes once or twice a year, keep your head down and pay yourself richly for fuck-all. 


With the kind of funds currently available, if you just gave it directly to the true homeless people the problem would disappear overnight, right? Well no, because you see the charities and all of their leeches would then be out of work and they would become homeless instead.


Mad, isn't it?


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