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  1. There’s something big going on across the pond, those so called peaceful demonstrators are actually Antifa activists, and on the news last night here, they reported Trump going to that church as if it were a disgusting act. What they didn’t tell you is that the peaceful demonstrators set fire to it on Monday night.

    All this crap is set up by Biden, Clinton et al to prevent Trump being re elected in November. If Trump succeeds there will be quite a few government officials, including Clinton and Obama going to jail. That’s what all this is about.

    • Thanks Ric, I know that.
      But I mentioned it because it was a Police incident involving excessive Police violence against king that caused the subsequent rioting and looting in L.A.

  2. Hey John. Thanks for your reply. Agreed the Rodney King beating was unforgivable, but I think the link should be reworded, to avoid confusion. Perhaps ‘The Rodney King assault’ would be a more accurate wording. Especially in an article referencing fake news. Further, I would note that looters and rioters of all colours will have been arrested this week, and President Trump has not made any racial distinction between these individuals in any of his statements.. Apart from anything else, the police forces are under local and State control, not Federal. Cheers.

    • Unlike others I know, I am always grateful when readers take the time to correct me on mistakes I have made so thank you for this.
      By way of explanation, I was writing about a murder so murder as a word was in my head. Also I knew the King incident was an assault so I did mean to write the word ‘assault’ but put down murder instead.
      I know also that looters and rioters came from every ethnic background and I am sure there must have a couple of fellow Irishmen there as well. But I referenced earlier in the article that I have seen accounts, as reported all over Facebook and elsewhere on the web, of Police violence in the States and most of these attacks seem to have been committed against black people, or at least that is the impression given.
      I should have made these points more clearly but as I have been criticised in the past for going on too long, I do shorten my articles and some detail is lost.

  3. Mr. Mallon, despite any shortcomings, and let’s face it, we all have them, I think on the whole you write an excellent article. Personally I don’t need exact descriptions in order to see what you are talking about, and am free to state my own opinions even though they may disagree with yours. That is how it should be, to disagree without entering arguments. So although I am not a regular contributor to this blog, I find it a fair place to add comment, and not just another echo chamber for those with the same narrative.

    If I remember correctly, King did not die, however, didn’t the protests which followed produce a death? – I seem to remember a lorry driver being pulled from his cab and beaten to death by the protesters. Its so long ago I can’t quite remember if he did actually die though.

    In the case of Mr. Floyd, it now transpires that he was not the fine upstanding person that he is being portrayed to be by the media. Apparently he had a long list of convictions for armed robbery, drug dealing and at one point, held a gun at the stomach of a pregnant woman while his friends robbed her home, after forcing their way in. He was also a little known porn star that went under the name of “Floyd the Landlord”.

    The cop who killed Floyd, Derek Chauvin, was apparently an actor and has a page on IMDB with links to his agent. He also has a history of violence and also worked at the same night club as Floyd for 17 years, so the two men knew each other.

    But as always, you only get that side of the story that suits the mainstream media’s narrative.

    All the looting and destruction is being done by various anarchist groups, BLM, Hope Not Hate, even climate change activists, under the Antifa umbrella, and they are being funded to do it. BLM could not care less for lives of any colour, they never have. A lot of black, small family businesses have been looted and torched to the ground. Unlike Target, those will never recover.

    • Apparently an autopsy of Mr. Floyd revealed a quantity of drugs in his bloodstream which might explain his aggressive behavior as he was placed in the police car and which could have contributed to, if not caused his demise.

    • Welcome Ripper and thanks a million for the background on both the cop and the victim.
      I find it fascinating that they worked together so long and knew each other. We are not being told that here in Ireland where a noisy demonstration is taking place outside the US Embassy this afternoon.

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