1. Yes, but please realize, for that missing $6.5 Trillion dollars, some of that money goes into esoteric causes and has results well beyond anything measurable in true dollars and cents. Bear in mind, during processing of said $6.5 Trillion in unaccounted for funds, the military also enjoyed an increased enlistment effort for homosexuals, transsexuals, bisexuals and multisexuals, Christian occidental doctrines and traditions were highly phased out while foreign minority religious aspects of oriental/eastern and middle eastern varieties were brought into the forefront and of course smoking was made more illegal to the point of a major crime should anyone be seen smoking. Next use of that money will be for the military to provide welcome wagon services along the southern border so as non-citizen aliens walk in without any questioning or processing what-so-ever, the new military make-up will be on duty and full alert, handing out cookies and lemonade as part of the welcoming committee.

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