ONE OR ZERO, ON OR OFF! — 2 Comments

  1. Heads probably will roll. Some poor bastard in the IT section will be deknackered or chucked out the door [or both]. When Management fails, it’s always IT’s fault. I speak from personal and bitter experience!

    • Somehow I doubt it in this case but I do understand what you mean. This though is the NCAD and worse than that, it is their HR Department, (or nest of vipers as I like to call them). So it was the HR system that was never implemented and management are being blamed for it. Of course, managers won’t suffer because they rarely do but they in turn can hardly try to burn someone in HR, the very place all the real secrets are hidden. So it’s a stand-off and my guess is they’ll all just let it drift off without another word. Any action taken now and the damned story could end up on the front page. So to pick on a poor IT guy and try to blame him won’t work because internal financial controls have already laid the blame and if the IT bloke reared up and claimed his innocence then the front page becomes the only option yet again.
      No, it will be €138k of our money under the mat and out of sight is out of mind.

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