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  1. Regarding future EU funding, it looks as though the EU budget may not have much of a shortfall when the UK “leaves” it.

    Mrs May keeps on offering to shovel ever-increasing amounts of cash in order to curry favour with Brussels, with no prospect of anything in return.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the final amount meant a net increase in the east-ward flow of cash once the lack of return “investment” is taken into account.

    • Unfortunately Mick, I think May and her negotiating team are lightweight and maybe even apologetic. If the UK ever needed a hard nose it is now. Looked at it from this side of the Irish Sea though, there doesn’t appear to be national unity in the UK on the issue and this is precisely what the EU negotiators are playing on. Theresa May, first and foremost, wants to cling onto power and Corbyn etc are sniffing around waiting for their chance. It would not be too great a stretch to believe that May would sell the Crown Jewels for a song just to keep her job.

      If I were a Brit, that would worry me!

  2. Yes, I’m a worried Brit….

    Mrs May is singularly careless with taxpayers money. Having a multi-millionaire Chancellor of the Exchequer doesn’t help, either.

    When you consider that the favorite game of the political classes is “divide and conquer” you can hardly be surprised that the nation is fragmented.

  3. I suppose what I see is a British Nation with two views. One side sees remaining in the presumed safety of the EU as the wise option while the other side dreams of British Independence in their own affairs. I would tend with the latter if I were born in the UK but there’s one problem with that. It presumes a Churchill-like leadership and resolve where in fact, a very watery insecure May sits.

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