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NEARLY MISSED PISSED Blah. Blah! — 2 Comments

  1. You are undoubtedly right in your assessment. It’s no more than a cynical ploy to create a narrative leading inexorably to legislation. Of course people aren’t going to admit to drink-driving when the punishment is so severe. Even with smoking, which (as yet) carries no legal sanction, merely opprobrium, many people won’t admit to being a smoker. Which is what makes a mockery of the breathless claims by TC that smoking prevalence is ‘down to 15%’ or whatever. All their figures show is the percentage of people who are prepared to admit to smoking. not the numbers that smoke. Any poll that asks someone to incriminate themselves to a greater or lesser degree is doomed.

    And as for ‘near miss’ – how long is a piece of string?

  2. Yeah, it’s like the polls on smuggled fags. “Have you bought counterfeit tobacco in the last three months?”

    “Fuck off …. ME? ………. Never! ……….. I’m always first up to communion on Sunday morning, so I am”

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