1. As Simon Zebo plays in the back three and there is on shortage of players for these positions, there is one rule for him another for Johnny Sexton which I believe is fair enough. However when you look at Scotland, and to a lesser extent wales, using whatever method to keep the provinces as strong as possible is for the best. This includes having young players something to aim for.At the moment the standard of players coming through top class. The three year rule is just wrong, it allows established players to take advantage of it. maybe if it applied to player who are under twenty one only, and over that age it would take five years.

    • I take your point about the abundance of talent in the back three positions and where Sexton is concerned, he was/is a world talent and too precious to split hairs over. I agree also in the need to keep the provinces strong and as a Munster supporter, I know we have fallen slightly behind in this regard. But I would still have kept Zebo in the International Squad just in case. Perhaps a departing player could be told that a move abroad at club level, diminishes the chances of being picked for Ireland. Of course, you would only be picked for the International Squad on merit anyway!

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