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  1. Tobacco control have to keep coming up with stupidities like this to justify their continued miserable existence. Still, let them get on with it – with any luck, if we give them enough rope they’ll hang themselves.

    • No doubt they’ll go out of business someday but I suspect instead they’ll turn on the lucrative obese market with their peculiar brand of vitriol and insist that portion sizes be made bigger to help people cut down on food.

  2. Years and years ago I was given a whole carton of Silk Cut Ultra Low- which at the time were only sold in the Middle East I believe. My usual smoke then was 40-60 handrolled Old Horribles or if I was really broke then pipe tobacco. In other words I liked a strong smoke, and as this was back before the EU ordered the mass emasculation of all tobacco goods those Old Horribles would have been a lot stronger than the stuff one can buy today.

    I admit, I ‘ate’ the first few packs of Ultra Low, like smoking fresh air. But by the very next morning I was fine with them and my smoking went back to it’s usual levels-perhaps a bit more. A few times since I’ve had to smoke 0.1mg cigs and the same has always been true. My preference may be for tobacco so strong that can’t legally be sold anywhere in the civilised world (infact the commentator above me is the only one so far to have found me a brand of smokes so strong that even I wouldn’t smoke them) but within 24 hours I can get used to things that would be too weak even for my 2 year old Granddaughter -who can, however, buy her bloody own.

    Maybe it’s just me but I’ve heard from various smokers of strong tobacco over the years it is a pretty much universal ‘thing’.

    • Ha, ha. I was even worse! In my late twenties and nagged by the then girlfriend, I decided to quit. I went to the Chemist’s shop and the head honcho showed me a brand new product they’d just got in to aid quitting. Believe it or not, it was twenty cigarettes in a standard red flip-top box but it cost the equivalent of two ordinary boxes. The guy assured me that the first and second one of these repulsion therapy smokes would put me off them for life. They knocked me sideways but I persisted and half way through the pack, I had become accustomed to them and got to like them. I would have bought another pack except for the price so I went back to the Rothmans and got rid of the girlfriend.

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