1. I have come across a lot of newspaper and radio articles about people who are forced to retire when they could work and contribute beyond retirement age. Mind you none of them sounded like they were going to be in need the state pension. Along with this there was a lack of people doing twelve hour night shifts requiring them to be on their feet.
    Can anyone give me a justification for forcing seventy year old bricklayers and laborer’s onto building sites in the middle of winter by people who have never done a days physical work themselves.
    All the people I have come across who worked beyond retirement age were not answerable to anyone because they were owners or very senior, deciding themselves the jobs and hours they worked. They also liked to point out to every one how great they were.

    • Good points A-sham.
      Physically, we are all different and some older people will be stronger and more healthy while others will be the opposite. So there will always be those who just cannot work on and they should not be forced to do so. By all means though I believe that those willing able and desiring to continue working should be allowed to do so.

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