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  1. A langer?  Hmm…  ::googling::

    Langer. Word of Cork origin. Has several meanings, depending on context. 1) Penis 2) Foolish person 3) To be intoxicated.

    Ahhh!  I see.  You're a penis!  Odd.  Most odd.  I would think you'd get sore doing all this typing.  Do they make special keyboards for Penii? (Or is it Penises?)

    Well, enough of this piffle.  I'm going to stop holding my breath now and go back to being a Breather (See: https://michaeljmcfadden.quora.com/Breathers-1 ).  I rarely hold my breath, so I am a Breather about 99% of the time.

    – MJM

    • Depending on your tone of voice, a langer can be an insult, (you fucking LANGER!), or a term of familiarity like, “ow’s the langer today?” It is strictly a Cork thing. We also have many slang names for drunk and “Langers,” is one of them, as in, “I was totally langers last night.

      To learn more, watch this:

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