1. Yes, I completely agree with you John. We seem to live in a day and age where anyone, or any single issue group, can foist their views on the rest of us via the ever sycophantic politicians, who as always have their eye on extra votes. We are being buried under a never ending avalanche of legislation, and if this carries on, the world will become paralysed.

    I resent so many of the laws that in reality should never have been enacted. The seat belt laws, the helmet laws, the smoking laws, the drugs laws, the liquor licensing laws, the gun laws, the list is endless. All of them are enacted to remove personal choice, and all of them are unnecessary. If I want to ride a motorbike without a helmet, that should be up to me. I know the risks, and I'm not jeapardising anyone else, so what's the problem? If I want to sit around shooting up heroin, it's nobody's business but mine. If I want to run a pub that allows smoking throughout, and keep it open 24 hours, that should be my choice.

    And the two examples you mention will only serve to 1) make life more difficult for everyone with no benefits (but much cost), and 2) ensure that people are severely punished for something which was unintentional and perhaps not even their fault. And again, will have no benefit to society at all. In fact the reverse, since it will cause much hardship to all involved (I'm thinking about families).

    Why can't they just keep their noses out of our private lives?

    • Bang on Nisakiman.

      In my own life especially with my children, I tend to suggest order but rarely talk about laws. The “order” part of it refers to facing life’s challenges in an orderly fashion with all that that means to me. But laws come and go and personal flexibility is a more important attribute than reliance on useless, needless laws. With the right orderly attitude and fleibility, anyone can succeed at life, marriage, family, work and children. When you rely on others to come up with the formula for your life, you just can’t think.

      So those two women should just go home, lick their wounds and get on with it, leaving the rest of us with our own difficulties to overcome our own way and in our own time wthout hinderence. 

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