1. I saw a documentary that claimed the fuel, aluminium (from aircraft) and water (in and on top of the towers) resulted in super-heat melted/weakened the steel infrastructure that caused collapse, and that molten aluminum was seen pouring out.

    • prog,

      That is the official version which claims that the office fires started by the exploding kerosene from the aircraft, weakened the trusses attaching the outer core to the inner core. Their theory is that one eventually weakened and melted, causing it to fail and “pancake” down on the floor beneath which then also gave way, etc etc. 
      There are a couple of things wrong with this theory or explanation. A hot office fire billowing dark or black smoke will reach temperatures as high as 800 degrees. The towers were billowing white smoke shortly after the aircraft impacts. But steel does not weaken until 2,500 degrees and won’t melt until temperatures exceed 3,000 degrees. Added to that, the pancake theory defies Newton’s third law. If the top 21 stories were to collapse, they would have 80 stories beneath them offering combined resistance. Then there is the unexplained “free fall” of both buildings. For the top 21 stories to collapse in free fall suggest the reining 80 stories were simply not there to resist the fall. Free fall is an object falling to earth from a height through clear air. The ten seconds it took for 110 stories to fall that day was classic free fall for buildings that height. 
      The super heated metal that was filmed spewing from the buildings while they were still standing has been put down to an explosive called thermite or nano-thermite. Look that up to learn about its properties at melting steel. It is a military grade explosive that can piece a tank’s armor and creates its own oxygen allowing it to remain hot for weeks afterwards. Evidence of thermite was found in the dust of the towers in the days that followed.
      The final problem was the 200,000 tons of concrete present in both buildings. Huge concrete sections were simply pulverized to dust which thundered out from the buildings in free fall and scattered all over Manhattan. Molten aluminum is cool by comparison funnily enough and by comparison, (in size), the aircraft was small measured against the buildings, each floor of which was an acre in size. Aluminum will melt like butter long before steel even heats up.
      The official version, the 9/11 Commission Report, is a fallacy but the problem then becomes, “What really happened?”

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