1. https://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j_URK08Yee4

    An unholy alliance between right and left in Stormont about a year ago saw "paying for sex" made a criminal offense in Ulster, so far the only part of Britain where this is the case. Before they lost office in 2010, the Labour government were on the cusp of making all "paying for sex" a by freely consenting adults a criminal offense. This was the Scottish Labour party policy for the recent elctions to the Scottish parliament in Edinbugh. To the rage of the many authoritarian female supremacists who swarm within new hard left Labour, both Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are against the criminalization of paying for sex when freely agreed to between consenting adults. It's already a criminal offense to pay for sex with those forced into it – the irrelevant argument often used by mendacious propagandists for criminalizing adult freedom of choice.

    • I wonder at the smug puritans and their pre-occupation with crimalising the rest of us. Do they think that when you make something illegal it just disappears, ceases to be? Northern Ireland, like the Republic, has many more pressing problems than prostitution but instead of facing the real issues like health, education, housing and security, they waste time and tax-payer’s money legislating our personal lives. Long ago I decided to live by the laws I can believe in and ignore those I don’t. But more important than that is the fact that because of the pompous way our leaders behave, there has grown up a deep disconnect between us and them, something that was reflected in the General Election down here. The attitude of the public has hardened towards them and they are baffled as to how to deal with that. Of course, they never once look to themselves for any of the blame for it and many of them are quoted in the press as saying, “The public have created this problem.” 

      Fuck ’em!

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