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The Cat among the Lying Pigeons — 2 Comments

  1. The people who are really to blame are the politicians. I honestly do not undestand them at all. From a political point of view, none of it makes sense. It seems to be an awful long time since Harold McMillan said (words to the effect), "Why should be stop people smoking if they wish to? Smoking brings in a lot of revenue, and, if it shortens their lives, it saves on pensions, etc."  That is a purely political point of view, of course, but it at least acknowledges the right of individual adults to decide for themselves. What I don't understand particuarly is why politicians could not see that, when they signed up to the FCTC, they were handing power over their citizens to an unknown group of unelected people, and poured vast amounts of taxpayers' funds into that inknown group. Is there anything more likely to encourage corruption? I don't just mean money in brown paper envelopes; I mean junk science, jollies in exotic places, undue Big Pharma influence in exchange for additional funding, etc. And what political advantage do politicians get from toadying up to the medical mafia by imposing drackonian fines on anyone who choses not to conform? I cannot think of any. It seems to me they act more out of fear of being accused of killing babies. 

    • I believe it is political cynicism. In this Country it has become “Being seen to do something,” rather than actually doing anything. Because we, the public, have become quite docile and comfortable they can show a tough side towards us and in the case of smoking, they used the excuse of ETS to divide and conquer. The called it, “The War on Smoking,” and tried to position it like it some neutral thing that didn’t affect the smokers themselves but rather it was some faceless evil they were tough enough to tackle. It was pure spin and people fell for it. The conditioning achieved through that has, in my opinion, made it possible subsequently to make us all pay for the maddness of the Banks by socialising their losses. If they could sell us a ‘smoking ban’ in the pubs they could steal the eye out of our head.

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