1. Excellent post, John. Epidemiology is indeed the new shamanism.

    'Smoking causes lung cancer' we are told. Not 'may be a contributory factor', but CAUSES lung cancer. And this has been repeated so many times over the past few decades that it has become accepted fact, even by such cynical luminaries as Chris Snowdon. And yet there still exists NO empirical evidence. Only epidemiological theory. And this in the face of countless anomalies, which should really ring a lot of alarm bells. For instance, why do so few smokers actually get LC? And why do non-smokers get LC? And why do the Greeks, who have a per capita consumption of tobacco which is four times that of the UK, have the same average lifespan of the Brits?

    Not to mention the millions of dollars that have been thrown at research centres with the sole aim of demonstrating the causal effect of smoking on LC as demonstrated by lab rats – to date, without positive result.

    I could go on…

    • nisakiman,

      I too could write a book about this.

      Cancers are a lottery regardless of how you behave. Why one single cell should turn and set the whole mechanism in train has still not been discovered, (or it has and is being kept secret!). The knowledge of the disease today centers on what happens AFTER that first cell turns and all of the research into the time BEFORE then is speculative. Yesterday for example we had a headline here that potatoes are a cancer risk for pregnant women. 

      In reality, old age appears to be the biggest risk factor. I read an article by one old woman where she described how her body was just worn out after years of use and many of the parts were weakened. Her point was that she simply could not expect anything else so she had an easy acceptance of all of it instead. 

      But the real damage done by epidemiology wrongly used is that the actual problems are overlooked or ignored in favour of cheap bullshit. In my own life, I have always wanted to know the facts even when they are bad. This requires the truth and once I have that I can face whatever comes. This falls down when all I get is lies because any reaction I make to that must also be wrong.

      If I truly believed the propaganda about smoking I would not smoke with my wife present, but I don’t believe it. As it is I respect her wish for me to desist from smoking in her car and I use an e-cig instead. To my mind, if they have to lie to us about these things then there is a hidden agenda and I suspect it has nothing to do with health and everything to do with money.

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