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  1. Some very interesting reading from Dr Ball. I think that there is an implied statement in his work, which is that once an organisation becomes huge and international, it becomes almost unstoppable. Thus, the IPCC appears to have mermerised top politicians, as has Tobacco Control. I'm beginning to wonder if that is because politicians have no alternative. Obey and survive or disobey and be destroyed. Alternatively, there is some sort of organisation to which they all surrepticiously belong (Common Purpose?).

    It strikes me that the world is going in a very dangerous direction.

    • How right you are Junican!

      Many of us have an uncomfortable feeling that things around us are just crazy and nothing makes sense. For me, I always follow the money trail to find the ringleaders and thus their agenda. The lackeys of tobacco control who I debate with live on the nedia here are on five and six figure salaries so they are small fry who parrott dogma, prepared in advance for them. When they began saying from the beginning that the debate on tobacco was over, I took notice because there had been none at all. Similarly with climate change and 9/11. These are the symtoms not the causes though. They are tactics but not the strategy. Bigger financcial hands are guiding all of this and the issues of tobacco, 9/11 and climate are incidental to creating the unwarrented friction necessary for them to suceed – divide and conquer if you like. They are selling fear of the unknown in an effort to confuse us all but behind it all there is a plan. I am looking now at one world government as a possible plan they might be pursuing and if so, the nonsense we are currently seeing makes sense. Think EU!

      But I can’t be sure yet so I’m still looking.

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