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    • Very gratified to read that link but when I say ‘improved with eggs’, I mean lots of them visibly running yellow streams through their hair and down their faces for our futher edification. If these could be regularly schedued nightly in a section of the newscasts entitled, “The Lighter Side of the News,” I believe we would all take a more active interest in politics.

          • Ah, now here we move onto another plane. Rotten eggs and eggs are two different things. Some politicians deserve eggs, as a reminder of what their role in life is. Other politicians deserve rotten eggs, as a reminder of what complete arseholes they are. Other politicians deserve rocks, or preferably piano wire and lamp posts, to remind them that they have not only been utter failures, but in being such, they have caused untold misery.

            To my mind, anyone who desires power or influence via the ballot box should be immediately barred from the political process. Which basically encompasses all of them.

            Anarchy has a lot going for it, I'm told…

  1. Now, now, John.  That's very unfair.  I don't think that politicians are improved by eggs at all.  Being as politicians have the ability to turn to dust everything they have anything to do with, I think it's more accurate to say that good eggs are all too easily ruined by the addition of rotten politicians!

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