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  1. Just think how many more tourists would be attracted to Ireland if pubs were allowed to set their own smoking policy! I'm sure the Chinese and Japanese (big spenders and big smokers both) would love it if they didn't have to stand out in the rain every time they wanted a fag, and would arrive in much greater numbers if they knew that they'd be able to find a smoker-friendly boozer. They would also, of course, meet far more locals, as the smoking pubs would always be packed.

    • nisakiman,

      I didn’t like to mention the elephant in the room but I do remember seeing forty to fifty yanks standing the rain outside Cork Airport and each one puffing away madly. They’d just arrived and were waiting for their coach and one told me his first impressions on Irish soil was that it was cold, wet and hostile. The hostile bit referred to the uniformed gorilla who ushered them outside for their smokes. The lad didn’t reckon they’d be enjoying themselves and was already rueing the three days here before flying to Italy. 

      Of course, you’re not allowed to mention any of that in case you scare away other wealthy tourists………

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