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The Feminisation of the Male — 2 Comments

  1.  For many years I have said that every boy in their teens should be made to wear dresses and be a girl for at least 6 months. This might curb their aggression towards females.

    • Edward,

      My argument is that we males are born and grow up with a natural aggression hard-wired into our very DNA and that aggression should rightly be channeled into sporting competition with lads our own age in the controlled refereed environment. The resultant glowing exhaustion precludes aggression against anybody, male or female.
      So I could never agree with putting boys in dresses in their teens. That would be a recipe for a very resentful fellow looking for revenge for the humiliation imposed on him. Sport builds men but your dress suggestion might yield either kinky blokes or psychopaths. It will not result in a strong but gentle male capable of being the other half of a loving relationship with a real woman.
      In my opinion anyway.

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