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Not a banking inquiry as we know it Captain! — 2 Comments

  1. I always find myself wondering why these things cost so much. What does it actually get spent on? I know the lawyers involved charge eye-watering fees, but €50k a day? That's really taking the piss.

    It's the same with these government IT projects costing millions upon millions. What the fuck do they spend all that money on? Surely it's just a question of creating the necessary software (which can't be that difficult for a team of talented programmers), and then getting an office full of techy types to input the data. But no, it costs mega-bucks and then as often as not it gets binned because it doesn't work.

    The bloody NHS in UK spent ELEVEN BILLION POUNDS on a database, and then fucking scrapped it!

    And was anybody publicly hanged for this monumental waste of taxpayer's money? Not a bit of it.

    And how the hell do you spend £11 billion on a database? Whose pocket(s) does that money end up in?


    • Exactly Nisakiman!

      Over here in 2004 our Government decided to buy electronic voting machines for a massive €55M. A few were used once in a by-election, found to have security problems and finally scrapped in 2012. Then it emerged that most of them had been stored all along at an army barracks because nobody took the decision to smash them up earlier. Here though, it got interesting. Four election officials used their own premises to store some of the controversial electronic voting machines, getting more than €400,000 from the State. One or two even bought a new premises just to store these small machines. A close relation of a fifth returning officer in Cavan/Monaghan was also given a lucrative 25-year contract to store the machines, despite them only having a 20-year lifespan. This guy is still getting paid This is how our political masters reward their friends and backers. A letter from the department to the Dail Public Accounts Committee in 2005 stated: “The guidance issued by the department to returning officers in January 2003 on the arrangements for storage of the electronic equipment did not provide for a formal approval system.”
      It is any wonder they keep telling us that the country is broke, no matter how many new taxes they invent.

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