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Governed or Bullied? — 9 Comments

  1. Grandad pointed this place out and I like the cut of your jib john.
    As to the last question above the answer is governed AND bullied.

    • Bill,

      Thanks for that and I’ll keep the jib cut rare from now on.

      However the answer to the question is bullied I believe because I don’t feel we have been either led nor governed in years.

  2. Bullied, of course; bullied and 'nudged' into what our betters consider apropriate behaviour for 'The Great Unwashed.' It's the same on this side of the Irish Sea, and across the Atlantic, and in Australia/New Zealand, and the result is a growing lack of confidence in our public institutions; inth police, in the media, in the law, in the organs of the state generally. But don't ask me where it will end up; I daresay it will see my time out! (And that of 'Grandad,' to whom I owe visiting your site!)


  3. Well I've heard the Irish are a fey celtic folk what with all the legends about leprechauns, banshees etc. but it seems your government thinks you are also a nation of psychics!

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