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    • Got to agree that “Liz” made a big impression on us when she visited. Down here in Cork she even went walk-about to the delight of an appreciative crowd. But what effect on the pound would Prince Charles on the throne have?

  1. Yes, we here in Greece have the same paradox – with knobs on! They just got a €7bn handout, and none of it, not one cent, got anywhere near Greece. It went straight to the IMF and the ECB, who lent them the money in the first place. And the austerity measures that have been imposed as a condition of these loans absolutely guarantees that Greece will never get out of the recessionary spiral that it is currently in. Which is, I suppose, the general idea. The ECB will, in due course, come in and asset-strip the country and make it into Bavaria-on-sea.

    • nisakiman

      You have the recipe down to a tee. Now just season with personal guilt for everyone, add a liberal dose of blame and judgement and serve quickly before anyone asks what it is – bon appitete. 

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